Arena Designs

Yes, our arenas are safe and fun. And yes, our arenas look professional. But you can get that a lot of places.
Our goal is to build YOUR arena.

What YOUR arena means:

An arena that’s designed specifically for your customers and your space, not a version of one of our themes your players have seen before.

An arena that’s built in your space, not in some factory 2000 miles away. This means you aren’t paying for unnecessary overhead, AND it creates a chance to refine all the details of the design FOR YOUR SPACE.

The result is an arena that not only is customized for your market and your space, not only a blast to play, but one that is also built to save you money.

Check out the variety of levels of arena design and customization we offer. . .

  • Immersive Interactive Video System (IIVS)

    Imagine an arena that feels like a real video game. Actually, don’t bother, we have it.    Learn More and Build Your Own Quote

  • Pro Paint Arenas

    We can create a laser tag arena for you no one else has, and no one else can duplicate. The Pro Paint arena is what we built our reputation on. It is custom designed by us, built in your space to save money and hand-painted by our talented team of black light artists.    Learn More and Build Your Own Quote

  • Legacy Arenas

    Our Legacy line is our most affordable option. Best suited for a sci fi theme, we can design the layout and pillar placement and you can self-install the arena.    Learn More and Build Your Own Quote


We built our company from the ground up to be different. Plenty of companies can build a professional, fun-to-play arena. A few can even get pretty creative at customizing their own themes. But no one delivers the playability and level of customization we provide. Because nobody builds their arenas like we do.



We build arenas large and small, simple and complex, all across the United States. Check out some of our recent work.

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